Save money on holidays during the school holidays

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We all know that taking a holiday during school holidays can be expensive; very expensive in fact. So saving a few quid here and there goes down a storm. One way of bringing the cost down on a holiday is to overlap your holiday dates with term time by a couple of days. It's not ideal, we know, and very much frowned on by schools. But if you take a couple of days off school at the end of term, is it really so bad? We think it's OK; we'd rather not do it - and not let the children miss any school - but needs must, and there can be some quite considerable savings.

Savings to be had

I'll give you an example of a holiday we looking at; we thought of popping off to the sun for a week during the February half-term, but as you can imagine the cost was ferocious. When we looked at holidays flying out on the Thursday (rather than the Saturday) the price dropped by about 20%. We still didn't book because the holiday was still too expensive for us - but it's the principle that counts here.

Also, the biggest savings seem to be when the holiday destination is child based; which makes sense really. because school holidays are when their holidays are fully booked - even if they do charge the earth.

If you've had a little look round our site, you may have stumbled across our package holiday and park offers, these show offers which are on during the school holidays. We always show dates which overlap term time in case you're prepared to take the nippers out of school for a couple of days. Have a look at some offers available; just choose the school holiday from the button below. Be aware though, most holiday offers occur the closer to the school holiday you are.