All-inclusive family holidays - why you should!

A glance at all-inclusive holidays will tell you that they're not a cheap holiday. But don't walk away from them just yet. There's some good reasons to book an all-inclusive holiday - and it may work out cheaper than self-catering.


So, first of all, the price: when taking in the massive amount of money you're expected to part with for your all-inclusive holiday, it's difficult to try and justify the cost. Remember though, the cost will include all your meals and much of the alcohol too. And with the state the Euro is in against the pound, eating out in a Euro-zone country can work out very expensive. Who knows what's going to happen to the Euro; at least with an all-inclusive holiday you know exactly how much you are going to spend. As your holiday gets closer, you may find the pound buys more Euros - or you may find it buys less euros. Either way, your holiday price is already known.

Kids always want something

Have you ever been to an all-you-can-eat buffet, and said to the children "fill your boots - we won't be eating again until teatime", only to have a child complaining about being hungray 10 minutes after breakfast has finished. take in an all-inclusive holiday and you won't have anymore of those worries. Once a main meal is finished you can always find a snack outlet somewhere (it is, after all, all-inclusive). So everyone stays happy!

Big tour operator

We think it's best to choose a big tour operator - Thomson and First Choice Holidays are our favourites - because you can be confident that they'll still be around by the time you take your holidays! There's nothing wrong with smaller holiday companies, It's just that we like Thomson, Thomas Cook and First Choice.

Book an all-inclusive family holiday

If you think all-inclusive is the thing for you, have a look at a small sample of all-inclusive holidays below. We've picked these from First Choice Holidays; and the reason we've crated a link to these specifically is that they are all "splash resorts". What this means is that the all-inclusive price covers unlimited access to the nearby waterpark - and that really is good for family holidays.

Just remember - don't have a heart attack when you see the price. It is all-inclusive!